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$RAID World!

Welcome to BitCoinV2!

Raider Token ($RAID) is an ownerless, cryptocurrency project that is very similar to BitCoin but with a few benefits.

1) The $RAID token multiplies over time. Each transaction with Raider Token accrues a small 1% transaction fee.

For example, if a person were to purchase 1,000 $RAID tokens, the fee would be 10 tokens. The buyer would get 9990 tokens and 10 tokens would be used for the transaction fee.

Unlike typical payment systems like Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal, this fee is not used to pay for the cost of running the network. There is no cost. These 10 tokens are not used to pay the developer team. There is no developer team. Since Raider Token is an ownerless project, these tokens are not even used to pay the owners. There are no owners.

The transaction fee is divided up and distributed to all holders of $RAID. If you owned 0.0001% of the supply, then 0.0001% of the transaction would be deposited into your wallet after each transaction. Each transaction, whether that be buying Raider Tokens, selling Raider Tokens, or transferring Raider Tokens between wallets is charged this tiny fee.

2) Why is this so powerful?

Raider Token is like Bitcoin. Its utility is that it is ownerless and that none of its value is used to pay for running the network. 100% of all transaction fees go to the holders.

Imagine if 1% of the volume of Bitcoin were divided up amongst all of the holders. The daily volume for Bitcoin in the last 24 hours was $36,452,491,345. If a holder had 0.0001% of the total supply, the total amount the holder would earn in Bitcoin would be $36,452.4913.

The volatility of Bitcoin would no longer be seen as negative. Volatility would be its greatest asset. People would cheer as the price fluctuates up and down. Smallholders would no longer be held captive by the whims of big financial institutions. With Raider Token, all sales benefit the holders.

This is where Raider Token has the advantage. It has all the benefits of Bitcoin without a massive carbon footprint. It’s still affordable to buy for most people, but even if it is not, all a person has to do is acquire any amount of Raider Token and let it compound and grow.

We are in the very early phases of the project, but if we manage to even do 1% of what Bitcoin is doing, a tiny purchase of 50 Raider tokens will turn into a fortune on a long enough timeline.

3) This is where Raider Token has an even greater advantage over Bitcoin.

50% of bitcoin miners could get together and change Bitcoin’s blockchain. Raider Token can never be changed. The contract is locked forever. It is immutable.

The LP has been locked for 80 years, until the year 2102. Nobody involved in the project will be alive at that time. Raider Token was designed to outlive it’s creators. When we are all gone, Raider Token ($RAID) will still be free to float through time, distributing passive income to its holders, completely and totally untouchable.


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